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Wireless Sensor Networks by Charlie Pierce

Wireless Sensor Networks by Charlie Pierce
English | 7 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 1722678011 | 420 Pages | EPUB | 3.06 MB

This guide provides an in-depth study on the recent developments in Wi-fi Indicator Systems (WSNs). The writers explain the current WSN programs and talk about the research initiatives being performed in this field. Theoretical research and factors impacting method design are also outlined. The writer examines state-of-the-art methods for WSN method collection in transportation, redirecting, data link, and physical levels. Moreover, the synchronization and localization issues in WSNs are examined along with current alternatives. Furthermore, cross-layer alternatives are described. Finally, creating areas of WSNs such as sensor-actor networks, multi-media sensor networks, and WSN programs in marine and subterranean surroundings are researched. The novel is written in an available, publication style, and contains issues and methods to assist learning.





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